Sep 18, 2012

And so it continues...

First photos of the Creative Zone. As is always the case, things are worse before they get better. Right now it's been a bunch of shuffling to make room for rearranging. The left side makes me groan, but the right side of the room is coming along thanks to a burst of energy at midnight last night!

Don't think you need a huge craft room. This room is about 7.5'x10', and set up right it'll be just perfect.

 Ready to be sorted through, piece by piece. What will stay and what will go? And how long with the process take? Will I ever sleep again?

 The desk - well, this is embarrassing. BUT once the sorting and organizing is done I will have all frequently used goodies in the six foot bookshelves flanking it.

 I picked up that three-tier wheeled cart for my Cricut at a thrift store for $3.00. I gave it a good scrub and I'm loving its portability. The dresser contains all my punches and indoor Cricut vinyl.

Paper bins on the dresser, and a home for my printer. The bulletin board is made of a whole bunch of cork trivets from IKEA. It is a bit of a shamble right now, so I will clean it off and change it up.

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