Dec 27, 2010

And now it's all done but the leftovers...

Christmas with my son and my Mom. Pictures? Um, nope, forgot to pick up the camera! However - Jamie took pics of Max's first Christmas and our Boxing Day with them. My grandson is the cutest thing --- ever!

Max with Uncle Derek --- he's home!!!

Look at that little bum - inching his way to the shiny wrapping

Max and Daddy Adam playing with cars

Uncle Derek helping open Max's gifts

Jamie got presents too!

Reading a new book with Max

Dec 21, 2010

How blessed am I

My son has been home since Saturday. Drove all night Friday, stopped to snooze for a couple hours, and the doorbell rang at 5:30 am. I was obviously sleeping lightly waiting for my boy.

Away to the window I flew like a flash,
Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.

 I opened the door, smiled, backed up so Derek and his bags could come in, then moved in for a hug. All I want for Christmas is... HERE!

Jamie and Mr. Max were here too, waiting for Uncle Derek, so we went up and woke them - we let them "sleep in" til 5:45. As you can see, four months away did NOT mean Uncle Derek was forgotten :)

 Had a wonderful long weekend with my wonderful family, and now Jamie and Max have gone home to prepare for Daddy, who gets home from work on the 23rd. 

Dec 11, 2010

Christmas Sale table...

Forgot to post pics after Sharon and I were in the Airdrie Christmas Sale three weeks ago. We did "just okay", but it was -25 that day so traffic was minimal. All my remaining Treasures ended up at Grasshopper Gallery.

Those word blocks are Sharon's and can be custom-ordered (for any occasion - not just Christmas) on her Facebook page "The Crafty Hunter"

Dec 5, 2010

Drool on...

How's this for a DCWV give-away. I wish I lived near this Roberts Arts & Crafts --- or perhaps it's a good thing I don't?

Nov 16, 2010

Christmas Sale just four days away...

There is a sale at the T&C on Sunday hosted by Airdrie Women In Business. Sharon (Stampin' Up) and I are sharing a table. Here's a bit of what I've been working on for the sale. Come see us on Sunday if you can!

snow-filled glass ornaments
Aren't these cute, filled with Christmas lights
Kids love drawing kits
notepad folders for the ladies too
Christmas Bingo for four!

Oct 31, 2010

Note folders for kidlets

The notepad folders I made were such a hit at the Irricana Women's Conference sale, so my dear daughter suggested I make them for kids too. Jamie was one of those little girls who wanted to pretend she was working in an office, thrilled when I got her stuff "just like Mommy's at work". So - here you go, a dozen made for the sale on November 21st, complete with notepad, post-it notes, and three felt pens:

Next up - Advent calendars using my wonderful Stampin Up petal punch. Production has begun (barely)...

Oct 30, 2010

scarves for sale

All are approximately 80" long, and since I've been using my stash, are only $20.00 each... so soft and cushy, and hand crocheted in my smoke-free home.

Oct 24, 2010

Kudos to the Town of Irricana

I attended the Irricana Women's Show yesterday. What a great event this little town put on! Only $25.00 for four speakers, including food and drink all day. There were some 80 attendees.

 The keynote speaker, Monica Knight, was awesome - I can't remember the last time I saw someone transfer so much energy to the crowd! She had people singing and dancing, throwing crepe paper streamers, wearing hats and boas, playing drums and laughing. Lots of laughter! I will definitely attend this event again next year --- and bring my local friends along with me!!!

Thanks to my friend and PartyLite demo, Heather Tucker (aka "the other Heather"), I also had a vendor table at the conference. Smart concept; meeting space in the center, vendors on the perimeter. I was situated between Heather's PartyLite table (yes, of course I placed an order) and the Grasshopper Gallery's table.

Here is a shot of the lovely Brenda Campbell beside our mascot. Brenda was the driving force behind forming the Irricana Artist's Co-op. Trivia time -although we don't remember each other, if I had remained at Alberta College of Art back in 1978, I would have graduated with Brenda in 1982! Isn't it amazing the way the universe works, that we meet some 30 years later?

Oct 17, 2010

“If you can't take the heat, don't tickle the dragon.”

But how could you not want to tickle this dragon???

Another crocheted kid's hat for Halloween and just for fun! The way kids love to play dress-up I could see this becoming some little person's new favourite hat!

Oct 16, 2010

Halloween hats for wee ones

You've already seen the cute pumpkin hat I made (on the cutest model in the universe).  The pumpkin hats will be selling for only $10 each.

Now for The Lion ---- rawr!

This is another kid's hat I made after Jamie asking me to - saying it was the cutest thing she's ever seen. I modified the hat from a hooded towel pattern.  Thanks to Jamie's life-sized doll from her childhood so I could have a model in the absence of Max.  Lion hat sells for $25.

Oct 12, 2010

Silk scarf painting 101

I took a silk painting class taught by Brenda Campbell, fellow artist at Grasshopper Gallery.  I could see getting into this new textile art, as it was a ton of fun!

For my first attempt. I learned a bit of the feel for gutta, the resist product used to draw the images. If you do not have closed shapes, or if your gutta doesn't go all the way through the silk, you will have bleeding. Truly good examples of that in my first scarf!

However - I choose to mbrace the bleeding - perfection is so overrated.  Also - no two scarves will ever be the same, one of the best things about handcrafted vs. manufactured *anything*!!

 On this, my second scarf, I concentrated on figuring out the resist a little better.

The scarf is still covered with salt, which causes the wonderful watercolour effects. Great chemical reaction when the scarf is wet... you see, art is science too!

Of course I put dragonflies on the scarves - shocking I know. Next step, setting the dye, then this is ready to wear. I would love to do more of these to be able to share at the Grasshopper Gallery!

Oct 10, 2010

Oh boy, I'm full!

Everyone ate too much. Everyone took home leftovers. I am truly blessed.
Corrie, Mom, Jamie and Max
Grama's got alot of pumpkins!

Yeah, yeah, nice hat, thanks, can we go home now?

Happy Thanksgiving from the Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkins are here, the pumpkins are here!!! I do love Autumn. I love the colours of the changing leaves, the crunch of stepping on fallen leaves, and being able to decorate with all my pumpkins.

My house smells like turkey, it's absolutely wonderful. The table is set and I'm just waiting for my company. Jamie is bringing my adorable grandson and I can hardly wait to give Max a snuggle. Mom and my niece Corrie are coming as well. I have a lot to be thankful for.

Today is a bittersweet day, as it is six months since my Dad passed away. I miss his smile, and his advice, and even his moustache! I am truly thankful for the 50 years you were the number one man in my life. Love you "old man".

Oct 3, 2010

spinning a new yarn...

Okay, okay, I *know* it's a corny title! But here are a few of the hats going in the Grasshopper Gallery shop in Irricana this coming Thursday...other colours to come!

Newsboy cap with wooden buttons
hat & scarf set

"Le Beret"

Gallery Goodies...

 Working on some new goodies for the Grasshopper Gallery Shop.
These little notepad holders will make a fun little gift, I hope. Each folder has a velcro closure and contains:
  • 5x7 ruled notepad
  • 3x3 stickie notepad
  • pencil
  • three large paper clips

Card making

I made a number of cards at last weekend's Retreat. Had fun playing with new techniques, and new goodies. 

The collage and Bingo embossing folders were a set of Tim Holtz. My only beef is that they come in pairs instead of separately, because of course I wanted one out of two sets, so had to pick one!