Sep 27, 2010

Ahhhhh, Fall Retreat!

Three days, one lakeside cottage.

  • seven wonderful women
  • a whole lot of paper
  • a whole lot of stamps
  • a whole lot of ink
  • a whole lot of other scrapbooking supplies
  • and one laptop!
And here's what do you get:

Lots and lots of laughs, lots of munchies, good food, walks along the beach, and even a bit of productivity! Between us we finished a bunch of paper scrapbook pages, digital scrapbook pages, greeting cards, one paper Santa box, and even some Cub stuff (ponchos and scarves).

Organized by my favourite Stampin Up demonstrator, Sharon Hunter, we went to a lovely cottage on Sylvan Lake, only 1 1/2 hours from home. About 100 steps to the beach through the woods. All the leaves turning to gold.

I highly recommend Half Moon Bay Cottage. In fact, I would love to go back for another retreat, and I would also love to go there with my family. Check out their Facebook page for more photos of the cottage. 

Thanks to my chauffeur Arlene for making the ride so much fun too, full of laughs. AND for making the wonderful Soul Sistas bags for us - you rock!

Sep 19, 2010


I had a great day at Grasshopper Gallery today - even if it was very VERY quiet because of the rain. I got a bit of crocheting done, hung out with some fellow artisans, and had a great visit with a couple of friends, one being Sharon-the-birthday-girl, who is also my lovely Stampin Up demonstrator. The other friend, also known as "the other Heather", is my PartyLite rep. Two great women who love taking my money! Luckily, they also give me some of their money from time to time :)

And the latest - these are what I'm working on now --- more crocheting this week before I switch to paper next weekend. Hats. Hats for little heads and hats for bigger heads. Cozy colourful hats, just in time for fall. Too bad they aren't waterproof. That's what you needed to be outside today! I've made a few of the tie hats for little heads - it's a cute one. And I love how the beret is coming out. My dear daughter has always said whenever I try on a cap or toque, "oh mommy, no"... she is 21 and still does it. Maybe I've found a hat style I'm allowed to wear.

(photos compliments of Lion Brand Yarn)

Sep 17, 2010

Scarf Sneak Peek

Thursday was one of those great days - my daughter and grandson came to visit! We laughed and played - and tried out Max's new Jolly Jumper. Does the little guy ever love to bounce! I can honestly say it doesn't matter how bad I am feeling or how tired I am, one Max Giggle and I'm feeling on top of the world again. And can I say with all the pride of being a mom, that my daughter is a terrific little mama. She and her hubby are my favourite little hippie parents :)
Okay - now on the the sneak peek ... These are a few of more than a dozen scarves that will be in the Grasshopper Gallery on Sunday.

Sep 14, 2010

Paper Quilling Class

And now for a different kind of fun - I've been paper quilling for some time now, and love making flowers and such that stand out on cards.

Paper quilling consists of rolling thin pieces of paper, a little bit of gluing, a little bit of shaping, and coming up with something that makes you smile at your accomplishment!

It's easier than it looks - and I'll soon be teaching a class to prove it!

Supplies are ordered, just need to work on scheduling the class.
Interested? Let me know...

Sep 13, 2010


Today is a rainy day in Airdrie, so perfect day to hide inside with some craftiness.

Now that the scarves are done, I'm going to make some hats. I've made some cute little flap hats for babies, but now it's time to make some adult skull caps.

Sep 12, 2010

ch slst inc sc yo hdc

A multitude of scarves for Grasshopper Gallery are in the works. I will be taking them in next Sunday. I want to have a dozen, and of course have two on the go right now. Not one. No.

Hats. I'm thinking I need to make hats. Pattern search will commence today!


... from one blog to another based on my gmail email.

Today I was at the first annual Airdrie Fest representing the Grasshopper Gallery. The Irricana Artist's Co-op is a wonderful place to be associated with, wonderful people and artists. Love to play... nice to have a place to show and sell my treasures.

Another successful event by the City of Airdrie.