Sep 19, 2010


I had a great day at Grasshopper Gallery today - even if it was very VERY quiet because of the rain. I got a bit of crocheting done, hung out with some fellow artisans, and had a great visit with a couple of friends, one being Sharon-the-birthday-girl, who is also my lovely Stampin Up demonstrator. The other friend, also known as "the other Heather", is my PartyLite rep. Two great women who love taking my money! Luckily, they also give me some of their money from time to time :)

And the latest - these are what I'm working on now --- more crocheting this week before I switch to paper next weekend. Hats. Hats for little heads and hats for bigger heads. Cozy colourful hats, just in time for fall. Too bad they aren't waterproof. That's what you needed to be outside today! I've made a few of the tie hats for little heads - it's a cute one. And I love how the beret is coming out. My dear daughter has always said whenever I try on a cap or toque, "oh mommy, no"... she is 21 and still does it. Maybe I've found a hat style I'm allowed to wear.

(photos compliments of Lion Brand Yarn)

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