Oct 25, 2012

Halloween Wreaths

Thanks to two of my fave crafty ladies for getting together to make these cute yarn-wrapped wreaths. Simple and quick to do, I love how we each put our personal touch on them. Thanks to Eryn for wrapping my second one so I could make one for me and one for my dear darling daughter's house.

 This is what serious creativity looks like - I think it's funny just how serious we seem to be since we joked and laughed all night!
This was a simple craft to do. Get a solid wreath (foam, straw, whatever is cheap). With the help of your handy glue gun wrap the whole wreath with yarn. Add ricrac accent trim. Tie on a ribbon for hanging, and decorate as you see fit. We all did something a little different:
Eryn used grunge fabric (dollar store or Walmart) and a big plastic spider
and her little spider-ette babies.
I added grunge fabric as well, then stick-on felt spiders 
Heather T cut out this cool spider from felt.
For mine, I wanted a crow.
Several dollar stores later my brother found it!
 Happy Crafting!
- Heather

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