Mar 11, 2012

Playing with yarn

I've done very little crocheting this winter. Most of my playing has been with paper and vinyl. So - I decided to pick up the hook and yarn. First, a hooded scarf (or scoodie) for my dear daughter. I used this rose-purple Homespun I've had kicking around for awhile and based it loosely on this pattern. Next I will make one for my mother. She's adjusting to our cold Alberta winters after spending 30+ years in the Okanagan!

Currently I'm working on an order for a pair of textured vertical scarves for a friend of mine. I think over the past few years I've outfitted every female in her family with a scarf! I finished this wonderful soft pink one with a touch of purple, and now I'm working on the blue for my Tuesday deadline.
Since I never seem to work on just one item, here is the start of a project for myself. My friend Eryn loves sewing with reclaimed denim. Purses, wallets, quilts, you name it. This is a spin on that. I'm making a denim striped afghan. Here are the yarns I've got to work with - a number of shades and textures, looking forward to seeing it come together.

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